Strange Vibrations


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Strange Vibrations

I have a vibrating sound when I use water... it only occurs when I shut off the water after I take a shower... it occurs when the washing machine is done filling with water. Of course, I use hot water in the shower, but the washing machine is set to use cold water. It does not vibrate every time, but most times. It began when the weather turned cold. My wife and I have spoken with a couple of different people who are kind of in the business... they both indicated that it is a water pressure problem. I have lived in this house for a little over 4 1/2 years and this noise has only begun about 5 months ago. The vibrating sound only lasts about 2-3 seconds, but it is very annoying. I am selling my house and would like to get this fixed. Anyone have any idea what this may cost me? One individual indicated that a 'diaphragm' needs to be installed to control the water pressure. Would this fix the problem?
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Originally Posted by jbp13
Anyone have any idea what this may cost me?
Depends on how "kind of in the business" the people are who give you advice.

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Maybe you need a water hammer or two located somewhere in your plumbing lines, or could be a loose pipe that rattles with water pressure behind it.
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Best guess is that you have some washers in the faucets going bad. They shred and then vibrate when pressure is applied or removed. I believe that is what Bolide related to. It sounds like or has the same effect of a reed instrument. You can buy a pressure checking gauge for a lot less than installinjg a diaphram device. It will attach to your outside faucet or one on the washing machine. Up to 80 pounds is not considered high pressure. Good luck.
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trumpeting pipes

Originally Posted by majakdragon
They shred and then vibrate when pressure is applied or removed.
Someone who "is kind of in the business" could say that replacing all his copper tubing with PEX will solve the problem permanently. So the cost could be $1 or $2000 - it depends on how one solves the problem.

A trumpet works with a mere 4' 7" of tubing and at a much lower pressure (though also with a much lighter fluid).

I can suggest other things that would work.

To jbp13:
The water pressure is fine and the pipes are fine.
You don't need to replace all your copper and your don't need a diaphragm regulator.
You don't need to spend a lot of money.

You probably already know which valve is bad as using it or slowing it back to a dribble probably prolongs the sound - perhaps indefinitely.

That's the valve that needs work. A collection of new stem washers is assorted sizes is probably like $1. I hope you aren't disappointed.

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