Dishwasher Copper Pipe Install

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Dish Washer Copper Line needs to be moved.

I have a current copper line that is on the opposite side of the where the new dish washer line need to go. I can not find the connection end to this copper pipe. It is behind the drywall. Should I try bending the copper pipe I am afraid that the pipe will kink if I bend it. Can I cut the pipe and add a braided flex supply? What are my best options.

I have no experience with Torches so I am trying to avoid it...
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Unless you have a basement, The copper line and a shut-off valve should be on the kitchen sink supply line. You MUST find where it ties in or you cannot move it due to not being able to shut the water supply off. (unless you shut off the whole house water). The DW copper is connected to the DW under the front of it. Remove the cover kick panel and you will see it. It is held on with a compression fitting. All you need to disconnect it is an adjustable wrench. Good luck.
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Question Dishwasher Copper Pipe Install

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Opposite side of what? No, do not attempt to bend the pipe. It most likely will kink and then leak. You cannot make any mechanical (compression-type) connections inside the wall, or have any flex water connectors inside the wall. You can use soft copper ( comes in a roll, you can bend it carefully) with soldered fittings to get where you need to be.
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The copper pipe is currently connected to the left front side of Dishwasher. The new Dishwasher as connection on the right front side. I was told by some one that I can cut the copper pipe and add an flexable tube to reach the new connection. Is this possible?
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Yes. Install a sweat angle stop close to the floor going from copper to 3/8" compression. Then, use a 30" 3/8" to 3/8" compression stainless steel flex supply. Your dishwasher connection is 3/8" IPS by 3/8" compression. Since the water line connection is up towards the front of the dishwasher, a longer supply line is not required.

If you cannot find 3/8" by 3/8" by 30".....Fluidmaster makes a 60" line with the dishwasher 90 and two adaptors to make the connection.

Is there any chance you can connect to the hot water line from the kitchen sink and install like 594 stated? This along with the copper piping is a much better way to go.
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do you have the new dishwasher already?

What brand?

All of the dishwasher I seen, and sold water on the left and power on the right.

go with the flex, you'd be glad you did.. It makes the job easier!

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