Slow Bathtub Drain

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Slow Bathtub Drain

Hello, it appears my Bathtub is slow draining with no apparent pluggage or restriction. I have run plastic rods down into the drain and there isnt anything there. If I pour drain cleaner down the drain,it flows freely,but water right behind it of any magnitude will be slow draining. There are other lines that tie in later with no issues. I do not have a rod out port. This drain does have a very early and short gooseneck. Could this be an issue? Thanks for any advice,Kegler
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If you are pushing the "plastic rod" into the tub drain, it may be bending up into the overflow tube instead of going into the trap. The rod could also be bypassing all the built up hair and gunk that causes partial clogs.
One of the moderators here is a proponent of enzyme drain cleaners. He's the pro so why not give that a try. If that doesn't solve your problem try using a plumbers snake inserted into the overflow instead of down the drain.
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I am the "pro" Wayne mentioned. Caustic drain cleaners eat a hole and then run down the pipes leaving the partial clog to start another full clog. Hair, soap and body oils are the main thing that clogs or slows down tub and sink drains. Enzyme drain cleaners such as Draincare by Zep, cling to and eat organic matter. It takes overnight to work and you must follow label directions, including using hot water. Good luck.
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Wink Thanks Wayne

Hello Wayne,

I had the exact same problem as Kegler listed - slow draining bathtub, even after several unclogging solvents, but sink was normal - and took your advice. I couldn't snake very well through the main tub drain, but when I snaked through the overflow, the clog was removed in seconds and I was able to snake 15ft into the pipes to clean them well. Many thanks for your advice... saved me the cost of a plumber.


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