New Sink Installation


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New Sink Installation

I want to install a sink in a room where there is a washer and dryer. I think that I have the hot and cold water hookups figured out, but is it possible to connect the sink drain to the drain for the washer?

The washer drain looks like a PVC pipe that sticks out of the ground about 3 feet, and the washer has a plastic flexible tube that sticks down into the PVC. Is it reasonable to connect a sink drain to this somehow? Are there any resources on the internet regarding this? Every search I do on sink drains just describes how to connect a sink to an already-existing drain.

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Anyone can help me here?
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timetwosave, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
It would not be a good idea (or code either) to do this. washers put out a lot of water very quickly when draining. Your sink would probably back up continually. Besides that, you also need a vent for the sink or whenever the washer drained, the trap on the sink would be sucked out. This would allow sewer gas to enter the house. Basically, you would be double-trapping the drain which is against code. Good luck.

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