Noisy Pipes at Water Softener


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Question Noisy Pipes at Water Softener

Our problem is we have growling water pipes starts off low and gets louder and louder sometimes when we turn the water back on anywhere in the house the growling will stop sometimes it will not. flushing of the toylets, turning on & off the faucets in the sinks, the washer when it is done filling, showers bathtubs..We were thinking it is the seven year culigan water softner but when we called the culigan people out they said that there is nothing in the water softners that will make the pipes growl. We think it is the softner because when grabbing the pipes coming from the softner they are the ones vibrating and growling. We were also told to check the flow valves and adjust it which we did with no luck. We have added iron out constantly to clean and also added another bottle of junk I had to add before each regin but still does not quiet the pipes... the culligan people say it is a problem with the pipes in the house.. do you have any ideas on what our problem is.....
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I would check toilets first by shuting the water valve off at the toilet when ever you hear the noisy. and I would check for any water faucet leaks. Locate them and you might find the problem to work on..
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This problem sounds more like a bad washer in a faucet. When washers go bad, they shred. This makes water flowing across them sound like what you have. Similar to a woodwind instrument. The bad washer vibrates and causes the sound. It could be in any of the faucets including the washing machine. It is caused when any water is run and the bad washer is moved by the water movement. Good luck.
Check any outside faucets also. You can isolate most of the faucets inside the house by closing the supply valves under sinks and toilets one at a time to check them.
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Any sound is a product of vibration… In these circumstances (a treated water system) I would be compelled to investigate all points of control that you have mentioned. For example a faucet, do the washers, stems, seats, etc. still fit appropriately to minimize such harmonics.

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