In-Line Vent


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In-Line Vent

Would one or two in-line vents help this problem? Codes are not a concern. Would it work is what i want to know?

I'm working on a persistent clogging problem in long 2'' kitchen/washer drain line. someone ran 50 feet 2" pvc with one 90. the vent is the original 1 1/2 inch copper thru the walls to the roof. The vent is tied in by a tee upstream of the sink inlet tee in the basement into the 2in pvc. its still 10 feet to the sink but tied in thru enough fittings to open a hardware store. after that 1 1/2 pvc runs another 20 feet with a one 90 to the washer. there is an online vent there.
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I find the description a little confusing, but it's unlikely that additional in-line vents will help. Kitchen clogs tend to be grease, and are exacerbated by garbage disposals. A regular snake can just pop right through the grease and not clear the clog. It may need to be snaked with a grease-cutter.

If it's a 50' run, make sure that the entire run has good pitch (goes downhill @ 1/4"/ft), and that the 90 is long-radius. If the drain is readily accessible, you might cut in a clean-out, or better yet, swap the 90 for a wye-combo (a wye with a street 45 and a clean-out).

You might also try some Drain Care. It's a product that contains bacteria that eats drain-sludge.
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thx for the suggestions. clean outs are present. the fall is only 4 inches in 30 feet. one 12 foot section is literally flat. guess the homeowner will need to snake it regularly and maybe use a digesting additive or drano regularly
it is all mute presently since the basement flooded knocking out the water heater and shorting out the submersible pump. I told the lady to get out her checkbook and call a real pro
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In theory, a plumbing system would need NO VENTS WHATSOEVER to drain properly, since each fixture vents itself to atmosphere. The vents are in the system to prevent the traps from siphoning. If this were a system not involving the sewer, no traps would be needed, and no vent. If you do have a vent problem, this is the cause of "gurgling" as the traps are sucked out.

Not all plumbers agree with this assessment. The information is from articles in PM Engineer magazine. In any event, the problems you are having are probably due to clogs and buidups, not venting. But the right move is to have a professional examine the system including the vents to determine what is wrong.

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