Stripped Screw


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Stripped Screw

I recently tried to replace a faucet that was not fully shutting off the water supply to the shower head. I am unable to remove the handle screw. Without removing the handle, I'm also unable to remove the trim kit. Any suggestions on removing a stipped screw?
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JodiMiller, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
Are you saying that the screw turns but does not come out? I am just wondering if it is stripped or broken off. You may have to drill off the head and then pull the handle to remove the rest of the screw with an extractor. The handle may be held tight with calcium deposits and require a handle puller. These are available at Home Centers. Good luck.
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That's right, the screw turns, but does not come out. When you talk about drilling-off the head, do you mean the head of the screw or the shower handle? Can an extractor be purchased fairly inexpensively? Thanks for your advice!
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You mean that screw keeps spinning around in circles forever? Normally when people say a screw is stripped out, as in your case, they mean they have jimmied up the screw head so bad that they can't get the screwwdriver to bite into the slot or phillips anymore.

Your problem is actually worse because if you try to drill it, it will only spin with the drill!

Is the screwhead recessed in the handle, or is it out ontop the handle where you can slip a knife under it to apply outward pressure as you turn the screw? If it is recessed, you may have to try to pull the handle outward at the same time. But, if it is froze on by lime, you may not know if you are even moving it while you are applying the pressure.

You can't really hackewsaw through anything either because you would risk hacksawing through the end of the valve stem where the splines to the handle are!

Is the handle made out of metal or plastic. Describe it as good as you can as there is a possiblity that your best recourse is in actually shattering the handle, if possible, as crazy as that sounds, and then buy a new set.

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