i've never done it, should i try it? Y/N?


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i've never done it, should i try it? Y/N?

I have tore apart my bathroom and i'm going to give it a new face by opening it up by 2ft(took out a wall that was wasted space) and putting in a custom ceramic stand up shower as well. All the water piping has to be re-routed becuase it was where the wall was and has to be moved back the 2 feet. my 2 questions being(keep in mind that i have never done any plumbing B4)

1) can i re-use some of the piping that is there and add a 2ft extentions where i can or should i rip it all out and go with new all through out the bathroom? and...
2) Is this a project that i should DIY, could a beginner re-route some piping with ease. I'am a welder by trade, the soldering isn't what concerns me, even though i've never done it B4, it is that once i cover it up aprox. 20-25% of the piping will not be exposed(other 75% would be exposed in the basement) and i would have to tear out new ceramics to get at it if any problems.
Please give me some basic do's and dont's or any advice that u can give in all your past experiences, and if its not related to what i'am doing i will still keep it in mind cause free knowledge is great for anything in the future. thanks guys, i love this site and ive only been on here since this week-end.
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go for it!

I have a small bathroom that I always hated (50 yrs old) the tub was rusting, pink and black tile, very dated. I though of having the tub and surround covered (a la "bathfitters") but the quote they gave me changed my mind ($3800) so I decided I'd do it myself. I ripped everything out (except the ceiling). The hardest part was the wet-bed tile removal from the walls and floor. I rented an impact hammer (like a mini jackhammer) which made it much easier, but carrying the rubble (I estimated over 2000 lbs of tile and concrete) down the stairs and out to the trash was a bear. Once all the tile was gone, I added a few studs to square up the walls so the 4 piece tub/surround would fit. The plumbing was a bit tricky, mainly the drain lines. I had old lead pipe drain lines that actuially had holes in them already. I replaced them all with PVC and everything now drains very quickly...no more standing in an inch of water while showering. The supply lines were pretty simple/ Just make sure you drain the lines before you begin soldering, otherwise you won't be able to get the pipes hot enough to melt the solder. Once you've run all the lines, solder caps onto the ends of the lines. Then turn on the water and check for leaks. The most likely place will be around valves. The elbows in the lines shouldn't leak. Valves a re a little tricky because they're usually made of brass, are heavier, and must be heated more that the pipes. Be sure to disassemble the valves and remove any rubber parts before soldering, otherwise they could get damaged and leak.

My bathroom (5 ft x 7 ft) took me about 6-7 weeks (mostly evenings and weekends) to complete. Total cost was about $2500. Everything was replaced. Came out great. Was well worth the effort and will certainly pay for itself when I sell the house.

Good luck.

BTW, I'm not a professional plumber/carpenter/electrician. Everything I did I learned from books, the internet and this site.
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