Main Line Clogged


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Main Line Clogged

I hope someone can help with this.

I have a one story home with full basement with full bath in the basement. The home was built in 1964. The drains in the toilet and shower backed up and overflowed this afternoon. The system is on a septic tank, with no trees between the main line exit from the house and the tank. The closest tree is 50 feet away. There is an azalea bush that is about 5 feet tall sitting right over the main line at the point it exits the house. I have pulled the toilet because the wax ring is now bad and will need to be replaced. The drains are slowly draining. The question is do I auger the drains, or will some chemicals work, and if so, what kind? Also, is it possible for an azalea bush's roots to break into a cast iron pipe?
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It is quite possible for any shrub/tree roots to grow into cast iron drain lines. The exterior surface is rough and gives the roots a place to get a "foothold". This is why so many main drains are being installed in PVC (besides the cost). PVC is smooth and roots grow around it. If you have a clean-out, I would advise renting a sewer auger and using it. Chemicals take a long time to dissolve roots. Good luck.
If it is,indeed, roots, be prepared to do this every couple of years.
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Thanks for the help.

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