help w/ supply line/faucet connection


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Angry help w/ supply line/faucet connection

Just removed old kitchen faucet (copper faucet line from copper supply line). When I loosened the connector between the two copper pipes (the top nut) to remove the old sink, I also loosened the bottom. Now I can't tighten the bottom--did I break a soldering seal? The new faucet has the flexible piping with a 1/2" FIP female connection to attach to supply line. Since I can't tighten the valve on the copper supply line, I had the bright idea to replace the copper supply line with another flexible supply line (3/8" compression and 1/2" FIP). Now I can't connect the supply line to the new faucet line (two female 1/2" FIP connections). I'm hoping there is something simple like a 1/2" FIP-1/2" FIP male connector that can be used. Does such a device exist? Can't seem to locate it online. Is this something a hardware store should have? Am I going about this all wrong? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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I am a little lost here. Are you saying that you loosened the bottom nut on the supply line valve? If so, it is a compression fitting and can be retightened. I cannot believe you broke a soldered joint. If you had, you could not have gotten another fitting onto the pipe. Hopefully, you can re-install whatever it was you removed and just tighten it up. A picture of what you are dealing with would be great. You can post pictures by using a website such as Photobucket (free) and posting the link here. Good luck.
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Smile Doh!

Okay, it's late, and I'll offer that as my excuse. I went searching for my digital camera to take the photo; couldn't find it; and in my frustration tried tightening it one more time. It worked! Oh brother--what a night. Thanks so much for your help. Problem solved.
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Strange coincidence

I did exactly the same thing on the same day. I was installing a new fixture in the kitchen sink and I mistakenly undid the lower connector, thinking the new flexi pipe would fit right in. Of course it didn't. It fit on the other end of the plastic piping I had. So I had to refasten the original coupling. Only it wouldn't stop leaking and I started to panic and got the plumber's tape and putty and went to work trying to stop it. Didn't work. Finally I came here and saw this posting almost right away. I then went upstairs and tightened it down as far as humanly possible without breaking something. It worked! At the time I'd been up at 4am so I too wasn't thinking clearly. Thanks DIY for pointing out the obvious!
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