how do i install a lawn drain?

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Question how do i install a lawn drain?

hey friends

here's my situation: along my back right side of my property (which runs along my fence from the back right to towards the front right), it slopes slightly down (from back to front) neighbor on the right has a berm running along his side of my fence and it drops down towards the fence....when it rains i get water running above the surface down along parallel to the fence from the back to the front...then i always have a little puddle for a few days near the front right by the fence...and the lawn along the fence the whole way from the back to the front will remain soggy for several days...when i cut the lawn even like 2 or 3 days after a rain its very soft and difficult to cut the lawn without having my feet sink alittle bit in the soft ground

can i run some kind of lawn drain along my fence to alleviate the prob...if so, how do do i do dig a trench, (how deep?), put in gravel, and perforated pipe, sand, soil , and grass back on top? i also have ot dig a big hole at the end of the pipe for the drainage from the pipe?

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Install a "French Drain". The link below provides information on this, or you can do a Google Search.
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Evaluate how badly you really need this, the fix may be more trouble than it is worth. Often there are utility easements along property lines. You cant dig on these whether they are being used or not. Call before you dig.

There may be rules about yor neighbors berm. It may be illegal if it prevents the draiage of your yard.
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A french drain only works if you can take the standing water that is usually at a low spot and direct it to an even lower spot. Sometimes you can only do this by digging a trench that gets even deeper as you slope it away.

Creating a dry creek bed may be a better bet. Just as much or more work, even more materials and expense. With good looking rock and nice plantings along that fence, could be just beautiful.

Talking with your neighbor, redirecting the water where you might be able to live with it, or plants and trees that like soggy situations instead of lawn could all work in your favor as well.

You certainly have a good workout in your future.

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