Black pipe size?

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Black pipe size?

I bought a gas dryer and there is no gas hookup in my laundry room so I am going to install black pipe and run a line. I have done this before without problems, so I don't think this will cause me lots of grief.

My question however, is that I might go with gas for a stove & BBQ in the future and thought if I could run a big enough main line, I could just branch off my dryer pipe. I am thinking about running the main line to the dryer, but install 2 T's with a shutoff valve and capped pipe to the future gas stove and BBQ.

Now what size pipe should I use as the main line going to the dryer? Usually, in my neck of the woods, 1/2" is the norm for appliances, but I know I would need larger if I have 3 appliance off this line. Would 3/4" be sufficient enough?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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gas line

You have opened up a can of worms, gas has to be calculated from the meter, the capacity of the meter, the whole load that is installed now and the future load on the system; then you have to calculate the load on the branch that you want to tie into. If you do it wrong the future fixtures won't work. Sorry but I think that you need a pro.

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Like Shacko said, you need to determine the total BTU load and the longest run from where the gas enters the house.

Also as important, you need to specify if the gas you use it natural or propane as that will also make a differance on the proper line size.
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One good source of the tables used for this project is the National Fuel Gas Code. It is not an expensive pub, and you can purchase it on line or at a good technical bookstore.
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gas pipe sizing

i rarely see anything larger than 1" main gas lines in residential. unless you have a spa in the rear or some super consuming appliance. so chase your new feed back to the 1" main or you can split a 3/4 off as close as possible to the meter. if you are gonna put in a viking or wolf type you may want to get that 1" as close to the range as possible then take off a 3/4 to feed the rest. if in doubt, go big......
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What is the BTU rating of gas dryer and the (estimated) BTU rating of the BBQ and stove you might get? That will tell how big the feed has to be from the meter. If you plan on running all at the same time (which you should plumb for) then I'd think a 1" feed is in order.

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