Another copper piping question...

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Red face Another copper piping question...

I have a washer that has a hot water connection. When I brought my house, the seller thought it was a good idea to cut off the connections to the washer but now it is my problem. I had my brother come and install the hot connections but he never finished doing the cold connections. It has only been a year but he has vowed to do it!!! How hard is it for me to do it myself? I am an avid DIYer. I love taking on new projects but I have never touched plumbing except to change a faucet or two. The cold water line is right above the washer. I would assume I would cut into the cold water line. Then place a "t" connection and run piping across to the wall and install a thread connector/faucet thingy (?not quite sure of the name). and voila, hook up my washer!!! All this would be done after I turned off water to the house and drained the lines!!! Please advise and give me some pointers.
Thanks, Jazzy
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youve got the basic concpt down , the key is in sweating the joints .

do a google search for instructions , then buy a piece of pipe and a few connectors and practice untill your comfortable with doing it then have at it .

not hard at all
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As you're visiting a DIY forum, I'd have to agree with the above post, regardless of your terminology (thingy???). Everyone who sweats copper had to do his first one (sometimes over a time or two). Take a shot - it's not rocket science. Just be prepared to ask for assistance if it's available, even if it's just to look over your shoulder. Nothing worse than sweating on a leaky joint late in the evening, and having to leave the house water valve off until assistance can be found......
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You are right on track and the new copper solderless systems available at Home Depot or Lowes will make the job very easy. Go to the home center and have them show you this new technology. It makes everyone a plumber.

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