Do we have slab leak & if so what to do?

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Do we have slab leak & if so what to do?

I am new to this forum. we bought 14 year old house in dallas 5 months ago. Last week , we had a pinhole leak in the hotwater pipe to the bathroom which we found almost immediately. heard the sound & repaired within 45 mintues.
After that I am paranoid about plumbing problems. Now I noticed that few floor tiles near my kitchen sink is lukewarm.No water anywhere in site. the other leak was at the other end of house. I am worried whether there is any additional slab leak . water & gas bills are within normal range. water meter is not running crazy( Mind you at the time of last leak, water meter did not show much change either)

what is the best course of action? we have tiled floors in kitchen& copper pipes. Most of the fixtures show green coloration .
Do I need to consider repiping? if so whatt pipe will be better for dallas area?

your reply is greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the diy forums

I used to know a couple of plumbers in fla that worked for a company that specialized in under the slab plumbing repairs. They had some kind of apparatus that could find the leak from the top side, they would then take measurements and tunnel under the slab to make the repair [s]

Most of their fees were paid by insurance companies. I don't know if this helps you any but it's all I know Some real plumbers should be by afterwhile.
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Anytime you have copper pipe and it is like in the cement floor. Or comes up out of the cement and has no tape are foam around it you can count on pin holes will get into it. the leak. Have found that on the hot water lines You can find the leak by a warm spot in the floor with your hands.

Now I noticed that few floor tiles near my kitchen sink is lukewarm.

You could have a leak there . it would be just a very small pin hole in the copper.
Like said Id ask around there and see if they can run the water pipes over head down there. I know that they do in Fl a lot
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Pin hole Copper Leaks in Slab

If the floor is warmer than the rest of the floor for no other apparent reason, you may have a leak. Turn all the water off in your house (even the icemaker) and read the meter. Let an hour go by and read again. It shouldn't move. If it does, most likely you have a leak. The good thing is that you know where it is. The bad thing is that it's under the slab. You can have a plumber bust through the slab and repair the leak. If you have repaired a previous pin hole leak in the cooper piping elsewhere and now you have another, I wouldn't waste money fixing it. You are going to have more of them, many more. Re-plumb with PEX or whatever is common in your area.
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slab leak

I can sympathize with mom1967 - I just joined to try and find out why my floor is warm just outside the bathroom and leading into my son's room. I heard a noise from the bathroom faucet as well. I turned off the hot water tank and the valve for the hot water. The noise stopped now I am waiting to see if the floor will cool down. If the leak is at the bathroom sink (faucet is not dripping - you just hear water from the faucet) would that make the floor warm or am I looking at two leaks?

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