basket strainer leak

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basket strainer leak

Hi I have a leak under my stainless steel kitchen sink-- I think it is the basket strainer from what I have read on the intenet. From right below the sink(the underneath of the sink is coated with this bumpy white glaze) there is a rubber gasket that seems to not be fitting very tightly. When I press on it-- water drips from it-- I have not used the water in a few hours and everything right now is dry. Is there an easy fix for this other than taking apart the "locknut and all " and using putty etc etc. If so do I need to buy a new rubber gasket- or the whole thing justs need to be removed so that "NEW putty can be put in place?? Can you advise on what the best thing to do is-- Also Can I use a monkey wrench on the "locknut if I can reach with it instead of purchasing this Plumbers "SPUD wrench?" Please advise Thanks so much.
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The correct fix would be to take the strainer assembly apart and replace the gaskets and plumbers putty.Trying to load up the underside with something or any other type of fix probably won't work or will give out fairly soon and then complicate the right fix.

Sometimes you can take a screwdriver and a hammer and tap the prongs on the strainer nut to break it loose and unscrew it.Tap gently and carefully so you don't damage or break it.They are usually light metal.
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You can take this for what it is worth...but this is actual experience talking...not theory. I have changed out dozens and dozens of strainer baskets whose plumbers putty either failed or in new installations. I gave up on the plumbers putty under the rim method. I use a rubber ring gasket under it, instead. In 20 years I have NEVER had one call back, and never ONE installation leak or drip, ever. Never.

With some sinks, the stamping recess to accept the strainer is deep enough to withstand the thickness of that rubber gasket you can buy separate for $1 each. If so, use one, if you decide to go this route.

If your stamp out is not that deep, you can simply assemble it without tightening too much and set it all in there and figure if it will stick up. If so, you might be able to buy the real thin rubber gasket that is used on some garbage disposer installations.

I have done both; thick or thin. Even the absolute thinnest gasket has never leaked on me before!

I make sure the stamp out in the sink is clean. Then slip on the rubberr gasket over the threads. Then I coat the threads of the strainer basket with plumbers putty so the large ring nut spins easily without binding when it gets near-tight. Place down in sink. Slip on the other rubber ring gasket. Then slip on the slipperiest side of the paper gasket so the slippery side faces the ring nut. Then turn on the ring nut. Then if you have any writing on the strainer basket rim, orient it so it is the way you want. Tighten the nut and as soon as it bites..unlike plumbers putty, the strainer basket will not start spinning in circles. It grabs and holds while you turn the nut tighter and tighter withoiut even having to hold onto the basket anywhere. I have also never busted a ring nut while doing this.


Take this for what it is worth. I have argued with plumbers on this board before, over this method where THEY say they have used plumbers putty for years with no problem. It's your call.

Different methods for removing seized on strainer baskets. But do not get violent and bend the hole through the sink. I have done various things: Cut the ring nut; drive screwdriver clean through the basket threads to be able to hold the basket from spinning in circles; a wrench for holding the strainer crosshairs up top, while yo turn big nut from below; improvise without this special wrench by putting open needlenose jaws down in the strianer crosshairs at the top and hold needlenose directly or inturn have the handles held by yet another larger pliers/locking pliers; needlenose locking pliers down in the crosshairs; two screwdrivers down in the crosshairs (someone else can help hold up top, while you loosen ring nut below. Ask if you have trouble getting off the old basket.

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