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In December I had a problem with my upstairs bathroom draining so the plumber I called run a snake through the drain and said I had a colapsed pipe well I did some digging and found no such problem. Finally it started draining great untill after new years so I bit the bullet and replaced the sewer line. During the whole problem my downstairs bathroom worked fine and never even acted as though it was backing up. When I finished the pipe install on the upstairs it worked fine but almost immediatly the downstairs started backing up in the shower and I can here everything gargle whenever anything else connected to this drain pipe is tring to drain. The thing is it will eventually drain all water but it is very slow. Could this be a vent problem? Also the upstairs pipe when I pulled it out of the ground had no roots or signs of any other major malfunctions and the downstairs pipe is probably 12 ft. or more underground so I doubt it has root problems. I just can't figure why this started downstairs after fixing the upstairs when it was working fine to begin with. HELP!!!
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Definitely you should check the venting, as it sounds a likely suspect. If you feel comfortable in doing it, go up on the roof with a garden hose and chug it down the vent pipe until the blockage is released. The blockage will go on down into the drain and eventually expel itself.
To help understand what has happened, it is sort of like placing a soda straw in a coke bottle and placing your thumb over the straw end and withdrawing it. The liquid will stay in the straw until you release your thumb (obstruction) to allow air to equalize above the liquid. Be safe, as it isn't the fall, but the sudden stop.

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