Copper sweat inlet?


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Copper sweat inlet?

I'm sure this is going to be a silly question but google and my plumbing books don't seem to have any info!

I bought 2 brasscraft ballstops for redoing my water supply lines for a new sink. The bag came with the stopper, a fitting with thread and also a little copper ring.

The bag states it comes with a copper sweat inlet (the last word I'm not 100% sure of, I looked at the bag this morning and forgot the exact wording on the way to work).

I'm guessing I install this little ring inside the fitting on the supply side? What exactly does it do? It fits perfectly inside the fitting but I'm not sure if it will fit inside a 1/2" copper pipe. Is that how I install it?

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What I think you bought is two compression valves, the ring that you are talking about goes on the outside of the copper tubing, it goes inside the valve body.

Your reference to a solder hook-up, I think that means it can be bought both ways. Best that I can do,lots of luck.

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Im with shacko
You can solder or use the compression fitting. Now you should have that ring and a nut also. Just to try it slide the nut down on the copper pipe. Then slide the ring down on it
Next push the copper pipe up in the valve as far as it will go. Then the nut should slide up with the ring and just tighten the nut on the valve
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Oh I see, thanks! I was worried I'd solder the valve without the ring and screw something up!

I originally thought the nut was used for when I attach water lines from the valve to my faucet but I guess I was wrong. My existing water lines don't need such a nut (they are already attached to the water lines).

Thanks for the info!

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