Kitchen Water Filtration


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Kitchen Water Filtration

HI, I would like to add a water filter inline to my regular kitchen faucet for the cold water. Right now I have one of those jugs that you fill up and put in the fridge but while I'm doing the kitchen I thought I'd add one direct to the faucet.

I don't want a separate filtered water tap.

I would like to maintain a decent flow rate through the faucet.

Is there a good product that would suit my needs.

A quick look around HD and Lowes suggested they weren't carrying what I'm looking for.


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Several companies make under sink/counter filters for cold water usage. The one I have in my current house is made by Culligan and I'm pretty sure I bought it at either Lowes or Home Depot.

Flow rate is going to be dependent upon the size and type of filter media and the connection size of the filter housing. With my unit if I use the el cheapo carbon (taste and odor) cartridges I don't notice any difference in the flow rate but if I use the high-priced cartridge I get a definite reduction in flow rate. I also know that the reduction in the flow of the high-priced cartridge means that it is probably doing a better filtering job.

Are you planning on a sediment filter or a taste and odor filter? Carbon (charcoal) taste and odor filters can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and I know a man who had one in his house and his family was always suffering from minor colds and other such problems. His doctor recommended removing the filter and after doing so the family's medical problems dropped significantly. The amazing thing is this man was a salesman for industrial fluid (including water) filters.

Anyway, do a Google search for under sink water filters and you will have far more information than you wanted.

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