Shark Bite Fittings

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we were renovating a small second floor office in an old office building-- doing the basics like replacing walls, runnig electrical wire for new florescent lights, etc. The "retards" who managed the property come out to remove some slumming that was in the middle of the new conference room. They used a sharkbite cap, and about an hour later, the thing flew off and started gushing water on the glasses store below.

I just don't think these things are reliable enough for regular use. They have a special application, but not for every fitting in a house. However, I have seen a competing product that crimps on. That looks reliable. I usually just go for compression fittings, though.
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I use these primarily for cpvc to copper transitions and once in a while termination caps.

They are code approved for piping in concealed locations as well as exposed.

I would say that my plumbing company has installed less than 20 of these in the past 3-4 years they've been in use.

I do not make a habit of using these on a regular basis, as you can tell by the number I've used over the years.
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Shark Bite Failures

I was called out to a Job I had worked on before for a plumbing leak. The leak came from the Shark Bite fitting on 3/4" copper after it had been in for about a year. I couldn't understand where the water was coming from but there was water coming from a fitting somewhere. I had installed a whole house filter system previously and had used (2) Shark Bite fittings in the process. I shut off the water and closed the valves to the filter. As I was looking at it, water began to pour out of the Shark Bite fittings. The Shark Bite appeared to function just fine under constant pressure, but if the fitting is in a line that has a pressure change, as in a shut off to install a filter, then the "O" ring can let loose on the line with the lowered pressure. What a mess. I replaced with copper. I checked the pressure and it was 94 PSI a bit high, and may have contributed to the early failure.
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There is a Ice Maker installation kit that comes with a plastic Sharkbite style Tee/Ballvalve combination ( 1/2" x 1/4" ) and a 1/4" plastic sharkbite coupling. All the 1/4" connections come complete with a plastic clip that is inserted in the fitting to prevent accidental removal of the fittings. This will also keep tension on the connection to prevent leakage. It does not however add this clip to the 1/2" connections. Maybe they will need to add these clips to all connections in the future. To remove the fittings, just remove the clip, then remove fittings as usual.

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