Leaking Outside Faucet

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Leaking Outside Faucet

When I open my outside spigot I get water spraying out around the stem. When the valve is closed, no water leaks to the outlet or out around the stem. If I open the valve fully, it still leaks around the stem.

Question is:
With the valve closed, can I remove the handle and the nut which I assume would house the seal. I would like to replace this seal. I just don't want to have to drain the pressure tank to do so.

If so, where do I buy a seal? Would it typically be an ordinary o-ring?

Picture of the valve is here:

Thanks for any help!
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Sure you can fix it. This is a DIY forum. Is it leaking around the stem as it exits the collar nut? You should turn the water off at the cut off that I am sure is nearby, or use the house cut off. that way you won't have to drain the tank. You should always have a cut off for the house after the tank for just such occasions.
Once the water is off, loosen the collar nut and unscrew the handle. the entire sten will come out. Check the washer at the end of the stem and replace it even though it may look good. Eventually it will fail. Buy a stem packing washer or a string like packing and give the stem a few wraps. Replace the stem in the body and screw the collar nut back down, snug, not overly tight. This should stop the leak with the water on.
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I too have a problem

Chandler, I have a leaky outside faucet too. I am a single lady who does not want to have to hire this repair done. How can I determine what the actual problem is? It does not leak anywhere when the faucet is off. But leaks outside when it is turned on. Since the siding covers everything except the actual faucet I cannot see any leak. The water simply comes out from behind the siding. It doesn't seem to be leaking in the basement. There is no shut off except to the entire house, so I don't want to start something I cannot at the very least, put back together. Thanks for any help you or anyone can give me.

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They make a tool you can buy at home depot...i think i bough tone for about $3 one day. It allows you to remove and put back vinyl siding. It slides in at the top-n-bottom grooves to release it. If you can't get to the faucet you may have to pull some siding off..but the faucet should be pretty much the same as Chandler described above. If all you can see is the handle..there is nothing you can do but go back to where you can see the rest.
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Leaking outside faucet (Spigot)

I have an aluminun siding on my house. The outside faucets have been leaking for years now. The one at the front of the house is off. The one on the side of the house is left on, the water is turned off from a basement lever or switch. When ever I want to run the water from outside spigot the watermust be turn on from inside the house,very annoying. The spigot leak from wear you would turn on the water, by turn a nob or wheel like thing. I want to know if I could fix it or do I have to call a plumber? My husband says a plumber has to do it.

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