White PVC for inground sprinkler?

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White PVC for inground sprinkler?

I want to run some in ground sprinklers. I know I can buy the black roll of vinyl cheap, but I also have a lot of 1/2 white PVC.

It seems this would be easier to work with since its nice and rigid - some of these runs Im not going to bury - instead I am going to lay them behind railroad ties that line my garden.

But can I use the white PVC. Someone mentioned that it doesnt hold up well outside - and may crack.
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It might get brittle and crack, I don't know.

But what if it does? You would only be out the time and fittings you invested. It might last several years and if so then you saved some money today.

As long as it is on the surface it would be easy to see if it did break and it would be easy to replace. I say go for it.
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Sunlight is bad for PVC. It does make it brittle. Cold weather and just weather in general is bad on PVC. Being buried is different than laying on top the ground.

I'm not an irrigation guy but I'd think 1/2 inch is small on a multiple head system, but then when I water the lawn, I just soak everything with a hose. Just a thought...
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PVC gets brittle when exposed to sunlight. Also, 1/2" is good for a max of about 5 or 6 GPM, so it is suitable for one or at the most 2 sprinkler heads, but not the main runs and laterals. It would be OK for a moderate size drip system. Drip systems are calculated in gallons per hour, 5GPM is 300 GPH, which would feed a lot of 1 GPH drippers!
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so I guess I want 3/4 hose then, right?

Im just going to have two main runs - each from a different spigot. No laterals. I planned on 7 heads on one run and about 12 heads on the other.

On both runs the heads would only be about a 15 foot distance of half circles.

Does 3/4 sound better?
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You can use PVC for the runs, it will take MANY years for the sunlight to adversely effect it (I've got some PVC that sits in direct sun and has for over 10 years).

That being said, if these are going to be anywhere that they will be ran over (either with a mower or a car) you will need to bury it and use 'funny pipe' to connect the head.

BTW: 12 heads is going to be too many on one run, 7 would be pushing it, even with a pump.

You need to find out the flow rate @ xx psi of the heads, and what you have available to supply them with.

Not sure why you would need 12 heads on a 15' run anyway. Most half circles can easily cover 6-15'

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