question on basket strainer for kitchen sink

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question on basket strainer for kitchen sink

I'm installing a new kitchen sink and find myself a a little hung up on which basket strainer to buy for the drain. Due to limited vertical distance between the bottom of the sink and the drain stub coming out of the wall, I need a basket strainer with a tail piece of only 2" or so in length, so that I can install the P-trap just below the basket. Do the tail pieces come in variable length so that I could find one that is, say, 2" or should I just plan to buy a longer one and cut it down to desired length with a hack saw? Given that I may have to cut the tail piece, should I stay away from the more expensive strainer baskets since from what I can tell online, these typically have a tail piece that is 3-4" or longer and are made of brass, which may be hard to cut. Cheaper ones seem to use a chrome tail piece that would be easier to cut.

Guess I've said enough to describe my situation. Basically, I would appreciate advice on buying a good quality basket strainer but also recognizing that I need to wind up with a tail piece that is about 2" in length, either by buying that length, or cutting it down with hack saw.

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The tail piece only needs to be long enough to allow for the slip nuts to connect to the basket and the p trap with a short section to insert into the trap. The flanged portion of the tailpiece goes on the basket strainer.

PVC plastic tailpieces are the easiest to cut. The chrome tailpieces are simply brass ones that have been chrome plated.

I prefer stainless steel basket strainers over plastic ones. You can buy the basket strainer alone and then buy a PVC tailpiece for it. Remember that a tailpiece that is already short will be hard to hold while cutting. You want the cut end to be as straight across as you can make it and be sure to remove any burrs, both internally and externally before assembly.

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