Problem with leaving from tub spout


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Question Problem with leaving from tub spout

I recently had a plumber come in and install the main portion of my new Delta 17440 Single handle tub and shower set.
I tiled then installed the rest of it. When I turn on the water for tub flow there is no leak but when I pull the shower diverter at the and of the tub spout there is alot of dripping of water back the spout against the walll while the shower is running.
I called Delta and they sent me a new spout but the same problem happened with the new spout.
Does anyone know what my problem could be? I checked and the pipes in the wall are the same diameter so I don't think it's a water volume/pressure problem.
There was no soldering required in this installation for the adapter because it was all threaded.
Any ideas would be so greatly appreciated.

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how does the tub spout attach to the pipe leaving the wall? it should either thread on to a steel or brass nipple or slip on to a copper pipe? what is happening is a leak in the section of piping from the shower valve to the tub spout. when the water is allowed to flow out the spout, it won't leak but when there's enough back pressure (the diverter is pulled and water is directed to the shower) it leaks. if it's threaded, you could pull the spout off and thread a cap on the nipple that pokes out of the tile. then turn the water on, you'll find the leak. if it's slipped on a copper pipe, check for gouges in the pipe, nicks in the rubber o-ring that seals against the pipe, rough edges on the end of the copper pipe that could damage the o-ring, or if the copper is not long enough and won't reach the o-ring.

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