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Question waterpressure fix

Hello folks, FNG here,my question is in regard to water pressure problems. First let me tell you what I have. Its a waterwell,220ft deep/ w/50ft "head"(water level is 50' from surface). 1hp motor,42 ga tank/non diaphram,30-50 pressure switch. After attempting to fill a 2200gal. "wally-mart" swimming pool,not all at once but over the course of a week. I have run into water pressure problems. I believe that the tank has become "water bound", filled with water completely,as evidenced by it sweating ALL the way to the top??? I have drained it completely(no water in tank) and restarted the pump,but it still continues to get filled up completely with water over a period of time. My brother "the engineer" said I may have to PRE-pressurize the tank up to or just below the cut-in pressure? What my question is, is there a proper procedure for setting this thing up right and where in the heck is ALL that air from the "air cushion" going? Also in screwing around with the switch adjustments they may now be out of calibration(not 30-50) the gauge on the tank does not work due to the fact the port it theads into is rusted closed,I have tried to clean it but due to its installed location it is extremely difficult to access. I'm told that it should be adjusted so the pump takes a minimum of 2 minutes to recover, the theory being that water flow through the pump will be ample to cool the motor??? How hot can it get 175feet below water??l
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The air is getting absorbed into the water which then flows out and into the house, pool, etc. A diaphragm tank keeps the air separated with a rubber bladder so this doesn't happen.

Get a new pressure gauge installed. If you can't get one into the existing location, put into a new location, but do it. You can't diagnose a well system without a pressure gauge.

Either correctly adjust the pressure switch or replace it.

It's best to add charge air to the storage when the water level is low, but any time will work. Adding air at multiple times if necessary is OK as well. If you add too much, it will just exit via a faucet, etc. on the next pump cycle and equilibrate at the correct amount. Without precharge, your 42 gallon tank will give you about 4.4 gallons of drawdown between pump cycles. With a 30 psi precharge, the drawdown increases to 13 gallons between pump cycles.

As to adjusting the run time of the pump, that is determined by the pump delivery, water usage, storage tank drawdown, etc. It's not an adjustment to be made, it just is what it is.

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