TracPipe (CSST)

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TracPipe (CSST)

I am in the process of converting to gas. I need to get gas to my range and dryer and the only way to get their is through the ceiling. The Ceiling joist are going againist the way i have to go so i guess they will have to drill through them. Is this OK? I have had a few estimates and some guys tell me that Tracpipe (CSST) is not safe and is in limbo right now and they even are telling me that it is illegel in my area others tell me it is safe and is legal in my area. Whats the story I am in New York Nassau County, Town of Hempstead. Is it going to be hard for them to get regular metal pipe through the joists they probably have to go through 7 Joists?
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Whether CSST is legal or not is dependent on local code. Check with your town and county. I can tell you in New York State is is legal, but, local codes can restrict it's use. Example, where I live (in Dutchess County, NY) it is legal to use but in the City of Poughkeepsie (in Dutchess County) it is not.

As for it being safe:

IMHO there is nothing safer than iron pipe. If done properly CSST is ok, but, you need stricker plates where it's going to be penetrating the joists and (very important) it needs to be bonded to the electrical panel. There are cases of houses that get hit by lightning that the lighting blows a hole through the CSST. As a result there have been class action suits against the manufacturers and it must be bonded. Bonding gets done by attaching a wire from one of the CSST fittings to the neutral leg of the circuit panel. Depending on local code, it may have to be done by a licensed electrician.

I agree, iron pipe will be difficult to get through the joists, but, one 10 foot piece of iron would do it and for an experienced plumber, it should not be too much of a problem.
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The company I work for is licensed and insured and located in your neighborhood...Oceanside to be exact...Tracpipe is legal here

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