Polybutylene Pipe Failure


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Polybutylene Pipe Failure

Recently I encountered a leak in some polybutylene plumbing in a kitchen (potable water) I installed around 1980. After repairing the leak which was an unexpected pin hole and not a fitting problem, I did some research on the net and to my dismay found the the polybutylene is susceptible to oxidants, mainly chlorine. I can replace the few pieces I have in the walls, but my main concern is the 2100 ft of it embedded in my concrete radiant floor. The floor system is a closed loop system and I am not introducing new water very often. Maybe 3 times since 1980. I have to believe the bleeders would allow any chlorine to escape but I am not sure. Has anyone any experience and thoughts about this concern? Should I be testing the boiler (oil boiler) water for chlorine? Should I put an inline carbon base filter on the inflow file side? The PH of the heating water is around 11.
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Not exactly my field of expertise but I do understand that any makeup water this system is taking on will have levels of chlorine in it due to the protective qualities required for human consumption/bathing/indirect uses.

A filter to diminish chlorine would help in this situation, but beware that the piping can be reaching an age whereby protective steps may not reverse the damage already taken place.

It's a "wait and see" situation at best but consult with the installer of the product from years ago to get the best advice.

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