Capping a Basement Rough-in


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Capping a Basement Rough-in

I have a 4 years old house in Minnesota and won't be using the original rough in provided by the builder as I'm installing the bathroom in the opposite corner of the basement. I need the existing rough in to be smooth at the concrete so I can install padding, carpet, etc.

What do I need to do to cap off the three components of the existing rough-in.

1) Toilet Drain This is maybe a 5 PVC pipe sticking up and capped about 2 feet above the concrete floor.

2) Shower Drain Square 12x12 hole in the concrete about 6-10 deep

3) Shower & Toilet Vent (I think Im right about this) There are two 2.5 PVC pipes coming out of the concrete floor. They join about 4 above the floor and then run to the ceiling.
(Note: For these Im thinking I will cut them off where they reach the ceiling with a PVC cap b/c I think they could be used by the new bathroom)

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No big issue


Its no big issue. Lets respond in order of your post.

1. Toilet drain- Will be 4 PVC. Cut it off smooth with finished floor. Install 4 PVC wafer test cap. This will leave a 3/16 deficit, fill it with floor leveler.

2. Shower Drain Square 12x12 hole in the concrete about 6-10 deep. Somewhere in the hole you will find a 2 PVC drain line. Remove the duct tape if any and install a 2 PVC test wafer. If one is already in place, fill hole to within four inches of finished slab with sand, compact and pour concrete in hole.

3. Shower & Toilet Vent. You think your right!!!!!, And you may well be, or not. From your description they could be vents. The fact that they tie together (or revent) four feet above the floor suggests this. I would not use them in the drain system, but if you can trace the 2 line up and beyond this floor to terminate to the exterior then go for it as a vent.
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If it were me, I would pour concrete in the 4" pipe and finish it flush with the floor. Those wafers can break and bend.

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