Pipes Banging when dishwasher runs


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Pipes Banging when dishwasher runs

My brother and I replaced my old dishwasher with a new one several months ago. Shortly after, I noticed that every time the new dishwasher opened its valve to let hot water enter, there was a rat-a-tat-tat banging -- almost like a jackhammer. If I open the faucet at the kitchen sink the banging stops. If I then shut off the faucet the banging sometimes returns immediately but usually not -- but it always returns the next time the dishwasher lets in hot water.

Any idea what's going on? The kitchen sink and faucet were replaced by a plumber shortly before the new dishwasher was installed but they've given me no trouble.
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Sorry about time delay for you

Iím surprised you have not received a response here yet and I am sorry about that. Even a good guess is better then no reply. Iíll give you my best guess. This was replacing a dishwasher you had no issues with. (as far as a noise) Some people may mistake this situation for what is referred too as water hammer. (when you have a lot of water moving at one time and then stop it suddenly) I will guess that you used the existing water supply to this dishwasher. (Of course Iím right) But from your description I would suggest this first. If the noise starts when you start the dishwasher it is not from water hammer. When the solenoid valve opens you are creating a low pressure in the water system in the area of the dishwasher. If for example you have an outside faucet behind the kitchen sink that has a loose bib washer the bib washer tries to move backwards, when water tries to move around the bib washer it slams shut then back then shut ectÖ. This will also occur with lets say the cut off valves under the sink. They have the same style washers. Try checking all of the valves and faucets in your system while this hammering noise is happening. Start with the closest fixtures and work away from there. Trust me on this, when you get to the problem valve you will know it. The last issue like this I had was a washing machine slamming from a loose bib washer at a bathtub. Again this is just a guess but itís more then youíve had so far. So good luck and if this is of no help please post back and Iím sure you will find an answer.

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