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fitting question

Hello all,
I'm installing a whilrpool RO system. My question is, what kind of "T" do i need to tie into the "blue" RO supply line (3/8" OD & Plastic) with the 1/4" compression (braided stainless) from the fridge icemaker?

I've only found brass compression (3/8 coupling w/ 1/4" T) fittings. Will these work with the plasic RO line?
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You should not use any metal fittings on RO filtered water. If the "blue" is the outlet, you need to use plastic fittings.
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So, what is the fitting called that allows you to tie into the 3/8 OD plastic line and has a male 1/4" compression thread to screw on the braided line to the icemaker?


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