New Construction - Dampen waste pipe sounds?


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New Construction - Dampen waste pipe sounds?


My family is having a new home built and we are at the point where all the supply and waste plumbing is being installed. Supply is CPVC and the waste is the white PVC versus the black ABS.

One of the main branches of waste from the upstairs bathroom runs down a wall that faces my great room and living room.

Since this is a pretty large diameter pipe (3" I am guessing), it will be pretty close in this wall and I am concerned about fluid noises when toilets are flushed or the shower is running, etc...

What kinds of options are available to help dampen the sound generated by all the moving water? I know that ABS is pretty noisy, but how does the PVC compare?

Can I use something like mass-loaded vinyl wrapped around the pipe in the wall to help dampen the sound if I can get enough fiberglass between the pipe and the drywall?

Thanks for any advice and insight!

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The PVC, having a thinner wall than ABS will likely be noisier. The "mass-loaded" vinyl wrapped around the piping will probably help more than the limited amount of fiberglass you could get in the stud cavity.
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That will be noisy, get as much insulation as you can around it. Also, if you are not, take pictures of undrywall plumbing. Save yourself a lot of hassle when you hang a picture!
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Pvc Sound

rkundla: If you have a 2x6 wall you can squeeze standard pipe insulation with a 1in. wall around it, if you have a 2x4 wall you are f..ked!, luck
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I walked the house with the builder this morning and upon closer inspection, the wall this pipe is in is a 2x4

The builder said that wasn't acceptable and plans on furring out the other side of the wall 2 inches, which is a coat closet, and having the plumbers relocate the pipe.

When I checked this evening, the plumbers put the nail plates over the pipe locations against the plates and the top one is bowed out past the wall, so they *definately* need to fix that!

I plan on using this product to help dampen the sound in the pipe.
Mass Loaded Vinyl Pipe Lagging with Decoupler

Hopefully that will work for me in that wall space.


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