Two Main Stacks?


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Two Main Stacks?

This is a theoretical/code question I'm not faced with but soon may be. My wife has designed a log house we'll be building in a few months. Unfortunately, she has put the two bathrooms (one upstairs, one down) quite a distance apart. That, coupled with the inherent difficulty in hiding plumbing in a log home, makes me wonder if it would be feasible to have two "main" stacks, one for each bathroom. They would join in the crawl space before connecting to the sewer.
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Yes and no.

You will still only have one main stack, likely the bathroom closest to the main sewer/septic entrance. This stack will be sized in accordance with the main drain size (3 or 4"). The drain will continue to the other side of the house for the other bathroom, and continue up to a roof vent. This second vent will be sized to appropriately vent the bathroom and whatever else might be on that side of the house. Likely, a 2" vent will be sufficient (though you should do the math based on the devices that are using the vent).

Most houses these days will have at least 2 vents (some around here have 5 or 6 - crazy if you ask me!)

So in a nutshell, you can do what you're looking to do, though I wouldn't call them 2 main vents.
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Id say yes also . AS long as you get the fall you need down there to tie them together.
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See it all the time...
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Excellent. Thanks for the info.

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