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HELP! I just bought my first home two months ago, and have run into a problem. One of the bathroom commodes has become clogged from the use of too much toilet paper. The house was built in 1956, and has a "funky" type commode that you can't get a good seal over with a plunger - I've tried two different kinds with no success. Over the past three days I have used a large bottle of Liquid Plummer and a small bottle of Red Devil, also with no success. When I try to flush the commode, it will fill up with water to just below the rim, then drain down over a period of 2-3 hours. I really don't want to go to the expense of hiring a plummer if I can avoid it. Any suggestions? Should I use more Liquid Plummer? Also, I have a septic system, and am wondering what those chemicals might be doing to it?

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Our plunger is a "Master Plunger." The body is like an accordion and the part that goes into the toilet hole (or whatever it's called) is narrower than a standard plunger. It seals very snugly over the hole. We had a clogged toilet last week, where the water came up to the rim and it took a couple of minutes to drain. My husband took a few plunges, and about 15 minutes later, works great.
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To Catherine,
Though I would not recommend this for kitchen drains {it will blow your traps out!}
I have found that a "Drain King" takes care of most blockages resulting from excess paper usage with great success. It is an expanding rubber balloon {basically} which when inserted and filled with water from a garden hose seals completely AND the pressure of the garden hose is almost always plenty to rid you of your problems. "Drain King" in my experience may be found at Ace Hardware, and is much cheaper {c. $12} than a single visit from a plumber. Hope this helps
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While I would not recommend it for kitchen drains {it blows the trap off} A "Drain King" is most suitable for your needs. Its is basically an inflatable balloon that when applied to the end of a garden hose, becomes a plunger with "attitude" it seals completely and uses the water pressure to blow the blockage out often taking long standing stuff with it. In my experience, it may be found at Ace Hardware stores.
2nd, Since septic systems work off bacterium to do their job, and Liquid Plumber works off acid, I would surmise that one would not benefit the other. Hope this helps

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Purchase yourself a closet auger with
a bulb type end, this will correct the
alot of times the previous owner may
have dropped something down
and will create a recurring stoppage
problem,(tooth brush,inkpen,etc..
if that is the problem a plunger is
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also wanted to say as long as your tub
doesnt gurgle when your toilet backs up
its more than likely just your toilet.
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the chemicals could very well be
killing all of the friendly enzymes
that make your septic system work.
It is also a good idea to have it
pumped and inspected.about every 5 years
if you do not have a garbage disposal.
and about every 3 years if you do.
also if your washing machine is on the
septic system this allows alot of extra
water to be introduced into the system and
can over saturate the field lines, and also
kill the alternative to this is
a designated dry well just for the discharge
from the washing machine.also if and when
you have the septic system cleaned and
inspected take note that to have it done
properly the lid must be removed,dont let
someone knock a hole in the lid and stick a
hose in and suck it out and tell you that
it is in good shape.
Garrett Plumbing Co. Atl GA

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If you want advice, this is sure the place to ask. With over 35 years of experience I
will tell you the easiest way to solve your problem. Call your Rooter Router man. They
know what they are doing, they are fast and inexpensive. You may play around for a week with these other types of gadgets, Send some money and time, and still not fix the real problem. Call them. Good Luck, Jack the Contractor.

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