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Our toliet sometimes flushes all the way and clears out everything and other times the water just moves around and only a little stuff is flushed down the toliet.

There does not seem to be a pattern as when we are going to have a problem.

I have used the new drain opener that uses compress air to clear the pipe (works great in our bathtub) but it does not seem to help.

A couple of questions:

1. We have not had the spetic tank pumped in 3 years, would that make a difference ?

2. Could this be probelm with toliet seal and we are just luckly that it is not leaking on the floor ?

Any other thoughts ?
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I dont know how old your toilet is
but when they get some age on them,
in combination with debree in the
water,especially galvanized pipe
this will stop up the small jets
under the rim of the toilet,or impeade
there flow,taking away from the flushing
power.also an object,such as tooth brush,
ink pen etc..could be lodged in the trap
of the toilet,that your kinetic water gun
will not remove,a closet auger with the
hooked end will be effective in experienced
hands.hope this helps you arrive at a
Garrett Plumbing

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