Difficulty Draining the Water Heater

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I have been following the instructions on draining my water heater so that I can ensure that the sediment will not build up. I follow the instructions step by step, but the water heater will not drain through the faucet at the bottom of the tank.

The instructions tell me to open a hot water faucet somewhere else, and I do. The water comes out of every faucet associated with hot water except the drain at the bottom. I have turned the faucet as far as I can clockwise and countercloskwise. We usually drain the tank annually, but the last draining was in Fall, 1998.

I have taken to using a hammer and lightly tapping on the faucet opening or the faucet handle. The purpose is to loosen any gathering of sediment that may have hardened at the bottom of the tank. I am aware that I may break the fiberglass tank, so I am very careful.

What am I doing wrong?
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opening the t&p valve allows a direct
air source to enter the heater for drainage.
if the drain on the heater is clogged you
can,be sure all hot valves are off,connect
the hose and open the drain and the pressure
should force any debree on thru,that is with
the water on to the heater.once you get it
flowing,with the water to the heater off
open the t&p valve(which probobly needs replacing bt now)this is more effective
than opening a faucet.
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