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Simple Plumbing

I had a clogged drain in my bathroom sink, so I wanted to make sure the connector for the drain stop wasn't covered with hair or other material, so I took off the 'U' shaped pipe to reach it. As I did this, the pipe coming from the wall broke and came off. I retrieved all of the metal from the pipe it was connected to, (in the wall). I then cleaned all of the 'gunk' out. I bought new piping from the bottom of the sink to the wall and cut them accordingly to fit. Everything looks the same as it was before that small section of pipe broke, but it leaks, 1) where the bottom of the sink connects to the 'u' shaped pipe; 2) the small section of pipe that connects to the pipe in the wall; and 3) the longer connector to the 'u' shaped. My question i guess would be, do i need to use putty or something else to make the connections really tight, because they already seem pretty tight(except the one from the bottom of the snk) Again, this is one of those projects that i told the wife was going to be simple, and now we're brushing our teeth in the kitchen. HOW DO I STOP THE LEAKING?
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Are you using PVC pipe with mechanical joints? If you are, most require a tapered washer for a watertight seal.
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If the piping is metal then rubber washers are required at all of the locations you say are leaking.
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Are you sure you removed all of the broken nipple from the wall elbow?? If yes, you should have used pipe dope or sealer on the threads, and crank it TIGHT. Teflon pipe dope also lubricates the threads. For the other joints, as suggested above. Sometimes the PVC castings have casting shards that need to be cleaned up, but all slip joints need a rubber or nylon washer/donut. Adding a dab of plumbers putty also helps.

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