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we moved in a farm house from the country to the city they go by national codes here in kansas we wanted to plumb the water supply ourselves we have already hired the main installed by a licensed plumber the inspectorsays we cannot do so and must hire a licensed plumber to plumb to the stops and can then install the fixtures ourselves we have asked several local plumbers and they have not heard of such a code but what can we do when the city inspector says thats the way it is this is a single family dwelling that we own and plan to live in ourselves help
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In this case, the fatman has sung. Sounds like your stuck between a rock and a hard spot here.

Personally speaking, I think you should follow the inspectors rules. If not, he could make your life miserable. He has the authority to totally stop the job until you comply with the rules.

The plummers may not agree but they are not the ones who will have to suffer here. If they are smart, they will avoid you like the plague, in fear of getting a fine.

You could also interpret the inspectors remarks as requesting a little, "PALM GREASING" maybe???...hahaha

I am not suggesting here that you try that ploy with witnesses anywhere around! Just a thought.



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