Sudden Drastic Water Pressure Increase?


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Sudden Drastic Water Pressure Increase?

This morning, I suddenly noticed a great increase in water pressure to all of the plumbing in the upper level of my home -- I'm not sure what caused it. At first it wasn't a big deal, just a change -- But the pressure is so great now that the shower and sinks are incredibly noisy, there's extremely loud noises coming from the pipes inside the wall (tough to describe, just, well, loud).

To make matters worse, the pressure is so great that the upstairs toilet now is spouting water from the top of the mechanism that refills the back reservoir (sorry I don't know the terminology). It shoots up like a geyser! Granted this may be exposing a weakness that I need to replace that part, but still, something is up with the water pressure.

Can anyone tell me what I might need to do to troubleshoot this or if there's a common problem that causes such symptoms? I dunno where to start (though if there's such a thing as a device that controls the water pressure where the water comes into my house, that's a good start, I have noticed the pipe noise I cited above for a few months now where the main water line comes into the house, but only for a few seconds after a toilet is flushed or sink run, etc).

By the way, turning the water valve down about halfway on the toilet solved the geyser problem, telling me there's definitely too much water pressure all of a sudden!

Any help would be very much appreciated! This is city water BTW, not a well.

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Wink Just a few things to check

Ask your neighbor if they've noticed the same thing...... water company may have increased distribution pressure.

If the high pressure is only noticed for a short period when a valve is opened, an expansion tank that's lost it's air pressure may be allowing a system pressure buildup as the water heater makes hot water.

If the high pressure is constant. You probably have a pressure regulator between the house distribution and water main that has stuck open.
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I'm having a similar problem, but it is only occuring in one shower, and no where else in the house. What could be causing such a thing for just the one shower?
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Cool Hydraulic wave

It's my guess that this is actually happening throughout your system, it's just much more noticable in a shower. If any other user has water running when your in the shower, when that user suddenly shuts off it produces a reflected hydraulic wave that shows up as a burst of additional pressure. When I'm in the shower I can easily tell when faucets are opened or closed or a dishwasher/washing machine is going through fill cycles. This can be minimized by installing one or more surge tanks in the piping.
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What you need to do is to check for a PRV on your incomming system, if you have one it could be out of adjustment or defective.

You have to check the pressure where it comes in or on the house side of the PRV; a house should be set about 60 or 70psi. anything higher and you just increase wear, tear and noise on your system.

Pressure in municipal systems varies with the time of day and can change due to supplier working on them.

If you have to add a PRV valve you will also have to add a expansion tank to you water heater.

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