Toilet not flushing all the way

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The toilet at the end of the line does it more often than the other one, but it does it occasionally, too. For the last week, I have had to plunge it 3 or 4 times to get a complete flush out of it - the tank lets the clean water in, but it doesn't drain out with any force. There isn't the "gurgle" noise at the end of the flush, and the water doesn't go all the way down. It also won't take any paper down with it. After it is plunged a few times, it will completely flush a bowl of water. I checked the holes where the water gets let into the bowl, and the smaller hole in the bottom of the bowl, and it seems ok. What now?
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Open the tank lid inside you will see the fill valve, off of the fill valve there should be a tube running to the overfill tube, make sure there is good waterflow while the toilet begins to fill up, this is important that there is for it allows the toilet bowl to fill to it's operating level after each flush.
Things To Look At,

1. Flush ring below rim of toilet, use a dental pick to clear these holes.

2. Blow Hole in bottom of toilet, make sure nothing is restricting it flow.

3. Blueing Cake Tank Drop In's, if there remove them, one of the major causing for plugged up flush rings.

4. Fill valve, is it working good is there plenty of water going into overfill tube, if not replace the fillvalve.

Test To Preform on Toilets

1. Take a 5gal bucket of water and pour into toilet, does it go out of toilet with no problems.

2. Lift Tank Lid, don't flush toilet but lift the flapper barley to see where the operating level of bowls is suppose to be at after each flush this will be the point where the water in bowl start to go over the top of the trapway, this is a reference point for this test. now flush the toiet several times and see if the bowl refills back to the same lavel once the fillvalve stops running, if it don't replace the fillvalve.

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Ok, I used a lime/calcium remover under the rim of the bowl, and the water flows in from there well. I don't SEE any obstructions in the blow hole, I don't use drop ins, and last month, the entire workings of the tank were replaced. There is a dial on the flapper, I can set it from 1-9, 9 letting the most water through on a flush. It is currently at 8. What else can I check?
Thanks, Sharon
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Other possibilities for toilet problem.

That drain line is restricted. Could also be the main drain line has a restriction. Call a plummer and have the lines snaked out.

The roof air vent or vents may be plugged or restricted. If so, the plummer will need to run the snake thru them also.

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