Can someone figure this plumbing problem out?

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Okay, lately my toilet has been running.

Here's what i've discovered so far:

There is no water in the toilet "tank", but there is in the bowl. And then I discovered that I can turn off the water from under the tank, then turn it back on and noticed the water begins pouring into the tank. And once the water reaches near the top, it correctly uplifts the floater and stops the water from running. But then I can flush the toilet. However, I discovered that if I don't flush the toilet within a couple minutes after the tank just got filled up(or maybe even seconds), the toilet starts making a "dripping/leaking" noise and the tank starts losing its water basically til its empty again. And the "running" noise just continues forever(until I turn off the water underneath the tank).
But, let's say that I had flushed the toilet shortly after the tank had filled up. After I flush the toilet, the tank does not re-fill. It just has a "running" noise. But I can see that there is some trickling of water coming out of the upper stem piece where the "floatation device" is.

So, hopefully that's enough information for you experts to use, to figure out what the problem is. And, maybe it's easy enough for me to fix by myself.

Also, I live in an apartment complex, and I haven't notified anybody about my plumbing problem yet. I was wondering: Do I need to contact the apartment manager to fix the problem, or do I just directly contact a plumber to fix it? I don't know. This never happened to me before.
Until it's fixed, I've just been peeing in a cup and pouring it down the sink w/running water. I try to just use the bathroom at work.

Please help. Thanks.
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This is why you rent. Call the apartment manager.

Until he fixes it, try jiggling the handle.

The apartment manager will do one or more of the following: (1) replace the flapper, (2) clean the flapper seat, (3) lengthen the chain, (4) replace the whole mechanism.
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well, John, how long do you think it would take my manager to fix it?

just wondering, becuz i'd like to be present there until it's completely repaired. I'd feel more comfortable if i was there. But, i'm hoping it won't take all day. maybe a half hour to an hour is good.
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I have worked in the "multi-family housing" field for 15 years and here's how you get to witness the maintenance person during the repair; present the manager with a handwritten note stating NO ONE is to enter your apartment without you being there. Then, set an appointment to have it done. All neat, legal and tidy.
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I own rental property and the only requirement the landlord has, is to give you at least a 2 day notice of when the plumber is scheduled to come. You can't tell him no one is allowed in the apartment without you being there. If you don't like the idea of not being there, make arrangements to be present at the time of the appointment.
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Your problem is basically the need for a flapper, possible a flush lever, and _maybe_ a new fill valve.

Since your angle stop works well, if the toilet isn't one of the very old ones with the multitude of floats and rods inside, the entire repair normally takes about 10 to 30 minutes.

If you _really_ want to be home when the work is done, your best bet is to give the complex people a list of times and days that you _will_ be home. Most will be willing to accomodate, but bear in mind, in a complex (like mine) that may have hundreds of apartments, service requests "by appointment" can be a real hassle for the people doing the work; and your lease may well allow entry for routine repair and maintainance "at any reasonable day and hour".

By the way, until it is fixed, any standard toilet can be flushed by pouring a bucket of water into the bowl (1-1/2 to 2 gallons will handle non solid waste easily), or by only turning the water back on as needed.

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