ClearWave Water Softener - Does it Work?

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An ad in Popular Science by TechnoScout claims that it solves hard water problems without salt, chemicals, etc. Their product is ClearWave and uses an electric field to control hard water and scale formation.

Does anyone own this or know if it works? I have to replace our old water softener and this looks great IF IT WORKS.
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Electro magnetic, and similar devices don't actually soften water. They have been tested over the years with very mixed results. The idea is to keep the calcium from precipitating within the plumbing system, in some instances, they do that, but in most they don't. Even if it does work for you, the water will still leave hard water stains after it leaves the pipes, and still react poorly with soaps and detergents. In short, your water will still be hard. The device does nothing at all to iron and manganese, and requires pre-treatment if present.These systems are designed for applications where scale prevention within the plumbing is important, like boiler systems, cooling towers, etc. I've heard of boilers that cost several thousand dollars be ruined by trusting these types of devices.
If you decide to buy another conventional water softener, go to For wholesale prices on quality softeners that last 20 to 30 years.

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