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I want to recaulk around my bath tub, its a tiled wall, who makes the best caulk in white? Also I'm putting up a shower door and I need to use an adhesive caulk to afix it to the tub what is the best caulk for this application?
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Try Phenoseal which is easy to use.Silicone is better but harder to use.Good luck
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For over 20 years I have used Dap Latex Tub & Tile, in white. Nothing fancy about it, no silicone content, just good caulk that holds up well and COMES OFF when you need to recaulk in the future. And eventually recaulk will be necessary some day, no matter what kind you use. Which is why I wouldn't use silicone if it were the last tube of caulk on earth. I have recaulked tubs where the previous job was silicone, and it's a nasty job.

When re-caulking, prep is the key to a solid, long-lasting job. I use a regular chisle to get the old caulk off. NO HAMMER! If the old caulk is latex it'll chip away. Heat guns work great too, though I prefer a propane torch with a pencil-flame tip. Heat makes it come off like butter. The chisle leaves black marks from the steel, but that's OK because comet cleanser takes it right off, and I always use cleanser before re-caulk. Scrub the tile and tub where the caulk will go. Be thorough. Rince repeatedly and let dry. Then buff it with a dry terry cloth to remove any chaulky residue. To promote the best adhesion I have started using 92% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and rubbed all surfaces down where the caulk will go. Thoroughly dries in a couple minutes, and removes residues, oils, and anything else that the caulk otherwise would not stick to. With the point up, knead the tube for at least two minutes, then squeeze some out until there are no air bubbles coming out. Saves a lot of frustration when you're in the middle of a perfect bead and all of a sudden a bubble passes out and blows a crater in your caulk. Also, keep a clean, damp cellulose sponge nearby for boo-boos. Ready, set, caulk!

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