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I'm intalling a new kitchen sink (enameled cast iron) in a new formica countertop. When I checked the fit of the sink in the hole before caulking, I found that the sink is not flush with the countertop all the way around. The front left and back right corners of the sink rock about a sixteenth of an inch. In other words, the high points are the back left corner and the front right corner. A sixteenth of an inch doesn't sound like much, but it really shows! The counter is fairly level (a contractor installed the counter) and so is the sink. Is something defective, or is this a normal problem in sink installation? If so, what do I do to level the sink?

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This is notnormal A cast iron sink should fit firm against the counter top. I suspect the hole was not cut properly and that is holding up the sink.
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Is the hole the right size? Sounds like its to small.
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PLEASE DON"T CAULK! The proper way to seal around a sink is with "Plumber's putty". Warm the putty by kneading it in your hands, make a putty snake and press it down all the way around the sink hole. It should be thicker than needed, and will squeeze out somewhat when you tighten down the sink. After it's installed, gently trace all the way around the sink with a screwdriver, putty knife, butter knife, or equivalent, and the exess putty should peel right off leaving a neat appearance. You shouldn't even see any putty, but now water on the countertop can't get down there and ruin the particalboard core.

As far as your 1/16 inch, I personally believe that if the sink clamps don't close that gap, then the weight of the cast iron, combined with natural ambient moisture in a kitchen will bring that gap to a close. If you don't want to chance it, find somebody with a good laser level to see where the problem is before you install the sink permanantly.

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This is a self rimming sink.

Make sure the hole is cut to the correct size, as far as the seal, I always use tub and tile caulk water base, I have to disagree on on the putty seal, using a water base caulk will give it a clean smooth surface to surface look, when you caulk, caulk after you get everything hooked up, i.e.... faucet, drain, supplies, then run the caulk on the outside edge, wipe clean with a wet cloth, then take finger tip and smooth it out, let set for a good 24 hrs.

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