Plumbing-in Basement Sink/Pump


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Plumbing-in Basement Sink/Pump

Hello folks,
I've been putting off plumbing in the sink pump I purchased last year for our laundry sink in the basement. My problem is I keep scratching my head as to how to plumb this into the existing pipework that was installed when the house was built. I don't understand why the washer goes down to a u-bend and then into the SIDE of the main line to the septic. Between the u-bend and the main line is a branch to the vent (at least I'm 90% sure that's what it is). I also don't like the idea of the washer venting into the room. Seems to me enough of a backlog in the septic, and I have sewage in the room (ok, so maybe thats better up through the kitchen sink). To make this easier, I've attached a photo of the area.
What I want to do is:
1. Install sink pump
2. Plumb sink pump output into existing lines
3. Output washer into sink (the washer seems to have trouble pumping the water this high).
4. Correct any problems with existing plumbing.
Here's the pic:
I'm interested as to where I should route the sink pump outlet (presumably where the washer goes direct now) and if this layout is even right.
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I would connect it directly to the main line to the septic tank. Get a 4 inch to 2 inch Tee.
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Inetersting DWV arrangement

I think the highest open pipe is intended to be the vent. I would intall an air entrace valve on that pipe. This only applies if you continue to scratch your head and not install the sinkpump.

Is the washer pumping the water from a floor below? Washers are not desinged to lift water they are designed to pump water to a drain that is roughly the same level as the top of the washer.

If I understand what you are trying to do... I would cut that contraption out ... cut as close as possible to the 90 that is connecteed to the right side of the trap and install a clean out to cap it off. (You need enough pvc pipe to glue the clean out fitting too.) I would then install 2 sanitary tees into the blue stripe pipe one as low as possible for the sump pump drain and 1 as high as possible for the vent from the sump pump. When all is said and done it would be a sealed system. Make sure you use a backflow preventor on the sump pump discharge. you would run 2) 2" pipes from the sump pump one for the discharge and one for the vent.

In this link refer to reventing ignore the sink add imagine the sump pump in it's place just much lower. How to Install a Bathroom Drain Waste Vent System |

This is an example of the type of sump pump I'm talking about. The left pipe is the vent and the right pipe is the discharge.

1/4 Hp Sink Pump System FPOS1800LTS by Sta Rite |

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