Pop-up Drain with no overflow..HELP


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Pop-up Drain with no overflow..HELP

so i bought a cheap vanity (that included the top) from homedepot. Well it doesnt have an overflow on it. But all of Pop-up Drain asembly come with holes in them which i assume are for oveflows. and the only one at lowes that doesnt wont fit. My bottom to thick and the threads dont come far enough down so i can tighten it. PLEASE HELP!
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Hi, Use the pop-up with the holes for an overflow it will work ok.
Goodluck Woodbutcher
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try a plumbing supply house instead of lowes and home depot.

bring whatever you can to show them what the problem is

they can give you the parts you need.

sometimes you just have to do that.
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PlumbingSupply.com - Bathroom sink drains

scroll down about 2/3rds of the page.
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THANKS! That is exactly what i needed.. ill try a plumbing supply place first

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