waste arm leak


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Question waste arm leak


Recently replaced the plumbing in my bathroom due to a new vanity in my bathroom. This is just PVC piping. The waste arm that connects from the p-trap into the sewage line in that wall is leaking. The waste arm is inserted into the connector at the wall and therefore I used a PVC primer and clear cement to the connector. However, the new waste arm doesn't fit as tight as the original and the primer is not taking very well (very slick surface). I have disassembled this several times but the cement just doesn't seem to be sealing the connection very well as a small leak dvelops each time. I'm running out of ideas. Any suggestions?

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Are you using glue fittings all the way from the vanity drain to the pipe in the wall or are you trying to glue a sink drainage arm to regular PVC?If there isn't a true tight fit then I'm thinking you may be trying to glue together two items that would not normally glue.At the wall what normally occurs is a glued on adapter that has a slip joint connection.Then the waste arm off the p-trap slips into it using a slip joint nut and washer to seal.Also I think you may be using 1 1/2 in drainage parts instead of standard 1 1/4 in and trying to glue to 1 1/2 in PVC.You should run 1 1/4 in standard drainage to a glue adapter that will have an 1 1/2 x 1 1/4 slip joint nut and reducing washer as the seal.

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