Pleeeeease help


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Question Pleeeeease help

This is so so strange to me and makes no sense. It takes flushing my toilet to flush all the way. What seems strange and puzzles me is that everysingle time it has to be flushed twice. The first time the water comes up the bowl 3/4 of the way and i think it's going to go over (never does) ithe water still does that swirly "tunel' thing but doesn't do it all the way to flush anything down. Then when flushed immediatly after i flushes strongly everything down. I have tried plungers, snakes pushed down in there. Nothing works.
Anyone have any ideas?
Thank you so much
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Unhappy toilet prob

housevilmo: Sorry for the bad news, but you have a clog in the line the toilet is connected to. Unless you have a c.o. on the line near the toilet you will have to pull it and rod the pipe, I think its time to call a pro.
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The toilet itself is much more likely to clog than the drain pipe. That's not to say that drains don't clog, but before you call the plumber or pull the toilet you should make sure that it's not the problem.

Consider what happens when somebody drops a toothbrush, or make up brush or a childs toy into a toilet. It often ends up getting stuck out of sight in the trap. Over time toilet paper and stuff catches on the obstruction and the toilet becomes clogged or difficult to flush.

Plungers and snakes will seldom fix this problem. The plunger just forces water past the blockage and a snake just snakes it's way past. The correct tool for fixing this problem is a closet auger, cheap and available at any home center. It has a tip designed to clear toilet traps. Get one with a protective sheath on the top so that it doesn't mar the bowl.

BTW - Have you checked the tank to make sure you are getting a full volume flush?
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Thank you

Thank you so much guys for your replies and help. Now i think i am having another problem with my downstairs toilet because the linolium on the left side of the toilet is looking gray and starting to spread which makes me think there must be a leak. i have turned of the water for that toilet so i don't get wood rot underneath !!! i am getting a little overwhelmed with all of this! husband walked out 6 months ago...i think i'll just call a plumber.
it was so nice from each of you to help. i just thought it would be easier !

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