recommendation for bathroom faucet

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recommendation for bathroom faucet

Is any brand better than another in terms of leaks or repair time/cost? For example, Delta or Peerless ?

I'll be replacing the bathroom faucet (unsure of brand). It's a standard 4 in. (I think), 3 hole faucet. I'll be wanting the seperate handles for hot and cold rather than the "uniball" approach. Thanks!
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Personally...I like Delta or Moen...the parts are available almost anywhere. Delta cartridges are cheaper than Moen, but may require replacement a bit sooner.
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You will pay more for a quality name brand faucet. If you want quality, purchase at a plumbing supply store rather than a big box. While name brand faucets are sold at retail centers, these are builder grade. The difference is in the inner workings. Builder grade tends to contain plastic rather than brass.
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Note that Delta and Peerless are the same company.

If you want to purchase a better quality faucet,go to a retailer that has knowledgeable saleshelp.I agree with the big box sentiments as,like many products,the same brand and even a similar looking model is manufactured for big box retail to meet price points (especially that are lower than any competition) not to meet quality levels.It will carry the same brand name and even product name but will carry a slightly different model number etc.

When you have a salesperson to assist you they can educate you on the differences between brands and models.They can also order for you models they don't carry in stock.Most major plumbing manufacturers such as Delta/Peerless make dozens and dozens of models in various finishes etc and no retailer will carry them all.

I can't speak to all brands as far as overall quality but generally speaking if it's a brand you have heard of and is not a "store brand",is not imported,is not specifically produced and/or marketed or labeled to be lower end budget friendly etc and is not a big box version of a brand then the quality level will be pretty good.Stay away from any faucet with terminology that suggests nonmetallic construction.Also as far as repair goes,name brand is the way to go.Many off brands etc are extremely difficult to find parts for.

As for Delta,the parts for their products are readily available at any hardware stores,plumbing supply and even the big boys.Many of the faucets use the same parts especially the seals which are universal to almost all models and are the most common wear related parts.Kits for rebuilding are available to redo most models.I am less familiar with Moen but would expect reasonable availability of parts.

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