Drain Problems


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Drain Problems

I have an old house and the main drain running from the house to the street is old and tree roots get in and plug it up. I have to have it rooted out by a plumber with a big machine about once a year to year and a half. Is there a way to keep the roots out? Maybe pouring something in my drain once a month or something?
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There are "root destroyer" products on the market made by several companies.Most hardware stores will carry at least one of them.They work by flushing down the toilet.
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the only permant solution is to replace that drain with one that doesn't leak the roots are following water leaking from your drain, that is why they keep coming back. if would be the environmentaly friendly thing to do.

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Agree with Speedwrench

We had this problem in our Boulder house and finally replaced the line. The root ball that was exposed in the excavation was about 3 ft in diameter, surrounding the pipe. The auger was pruning the roots but they immediately grew back with a vengeance. It was expensive, but we have not had a problem for 5 yrs now. I had tried the root killer stuff, but still had to auger the old line once a year.

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