jet pump wont build to pressure


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Question jet pump wont build to pressure

i 'm having a problem with my pump not building to pressure (60lbs). It started after a seven day power outage . My home is supplied by a spring so I used gravity feed water during the outage. The next storm brought down trees which broke the spring line to the tank (400 gal) which feeds the pump. Tank went dry. I repaired the line,filled the tank , power is back by now. i flushed the line to the house and started the pump and it would not shut down . (at this point i did not have a pressure guage on the system) I thought it was a bad pressure switch , so i replaced it. While I was working on the pump I opened the pump housing to check for any debris, and installed a pressure guage on the pump head. After i reassembled and started the pump I cant get it to build past 45 lbs. I'm stumped. thanks for any suggestions
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did the pump run dry? if so you might have fried a seal. if not you probably have either air in the system or a small vac leak in the suction line to the pump.

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TY,pump did run dry, seal at impeller shaft looks worn greater on one side. would failure of this seal cause lack of pressure build?

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