Clogged water pipe


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Unhappy Clogged water pipe

I had a slow leak under the kitchen sink and I fixed it by replacing the old valve after I shutoff water to the entier house.

Now one of the toilets gets no water. I have 3 toilets, 5 vanity sinks, 1 kitchen sink, and 1 washer. All, except 1upstairs toilet, get water. I disconnected the hose to the water tank and verified that there is no water coming from the wall pipe. So my conclusion is that there is a clog somewhere within the water pipe from the house main valve to the toilet. Please tell me if there is/are any other possible cause(s)? If the pipe is clogged, how can I unclog it? Thank you in advance of you comments or help.

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I have seen this one time before. If there is no way to disconnect the pipe going to the clog. I have used 50psi of air or water, by running it backwards though the pipe with the clog. That's worked for me a few times.

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i am no expert but if it was my problem i would look at the valve (if youhave one) that lets you isolate your tank from the supply

this is an upstairs bath and i would guess likely if thehouse in any age at all that it has one cold feed line doing the whole bath so it does the tub as well as the sink, if this is true and you have water at all other taps then the "clog" is in a relitively short line
when you shut the water off to fix your first problem there may have been something in teh tube that floated (or sank if you will) down into the valve as the water drained from the line

a coat hanger down the line may free it or as suggested a blast of air
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I think that Billie-boy is on the right track. If you aren't getting water through the supply tubing, the angle stop (little valve) at the toilet is the next place to look. Turn off the water to the house & drain through a fixture below the toilet, then disassemble the angle stop. It's pretty easy. Remove the handle, then the next thing you can remove is the stem packing nut. With that off, the stem will come all the way out, and hopefully you'll see a chunk of debris. You can try to dig it out or break it up, and if you have an accomplice, briefly turn the water back on (while you're at the disassembled angle stop with a bucket & rag) to clear it out.
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I just replaced a toilet and tank this summer. In a few weeks, the flexible feed line that I installed had become clogged, and that was causing the toilet to not fill. My clog was just inside the fitting that was bolted to the 'angle stop' (see prior post by steve_gro). I used some tweezers and plucked it out, all was fine after that. Must have been there from the time I installed it.... I can imagine a prankster putting a foreign object into the tube while it was on the Home Depot shelves!

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